Caricature Virtual Events

The reality of today is that we are all living during the time of Covid, and it's become common-place to meet with friends, family, colleagues, and clients virtually now, with most office workers still working remotely from home

Caricatures by Sean has adapted to this new world and offers a live caricaturist at your virtual event which we call Caricature Virtual Events!

 Whatever you can do in the "real world" can now be done virtually! Have a corporate team-building meeting with colleagues spread out across the world? Have an older, vulnerable relative you'd like at your wedding? Want to safely celebrate your daughter's Quinceañera? How about that coming of age Bar or Bat Mitzvah? You can do all of that virtually! And we can provide your guests with a way to get together and have a good laugh with our Caricature Virtual Events!

Have a virtual get-together with your friends

Have a virtual Costume Party

Advantages of a Caricature Virtual Event

Don't miss those once-in-a-lifetime occasions just because you can't all be in the same physical space, or cousin Joey can't book a flight out of his country, or Aunt Mary is still convalescing after a fall! Caricature Virtual Events are a great way to bring people together no matter what the reason!

Virtual events have other advantages too. Ever go to a wedding where someone's baby is crying the whole time? With a Caricature Virtual Event wedding reception, you can even put them on "mute" to spare the other guests. (Chat is available for those parents who still want to be involved in the conversation!)

You can even have themed parties and dress up in costumes, and be as OUTRAGEOUS as you want to be in the privacy of your own home, no worries about where to put your purse while dressed up as Marie Antoinette on the subway! 

Like our in-person events, guests will have a memorable keepsake from your Caricature Virtual Event in as little as 6 minutes! We will upload all of the digital images to a virtual dropbox, which the host of the event will have access to for up to a year. Virtual dropboxes or individual images can be shared with anyone or everyone as you deem fit.

You can even get custom messaging like your company name and logo or a message from the event host added to the drawings ahead of time, so your event will be even more memorable!

You can choose to "watch over the shoulder" of the artist in real-time, or have him do a "reveal" of the finished drawing like an in-person event.

We typically use Zoom for our virtual meetings but have also worked with other technologies like Google Meetings, Webex, Discord, and Microsoft Teams. Drop us a line at to find out if we can handle your teleconferencing software of choice. With limitations, we can help set up your Caricature Virtual Event for your non-technical guests ahead of time.

Friends can watch as you get drawn in real-time.